Sustainable Mineral Supply Chains: What’s in it for Producer Countries?

This interactive roundtable discussion explored the benefits of sustainable supply chains from a mineral-producer country perspective. Participants exchanged views on the value proposition of good governance standards in mineral-producing countries, including how supply chain transparency supports a just energy transition. Growing demand for the minerals required to build infrastructure for a net-zero economy could bring opportunities to attract investment, increase local procurement, improve employment, and address the development needs of local communities. However, material risks could arise from a global mining boom including increased environmental impacts, corrupt deals, unfair labour practices, price shocks and disruptions in global supply chains. The roundtable discussion considered how transparency, data disclosure and multi-stakeholder dialogue can help resource-rich countries to mitigate these risks and deliver potential opportunities for citizens.

The session explored the following questions in a roundtable discussion format. Invited guests gave up to 5-minute responses to the questions followed by 5 minutes of open discussion on the topic in between each invited guest. The format allowed interaction among all roundtable participants.


  • Dr. Mark Robinson, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, (EITI)

  • Nsama Chikwanka, Publish What You Pay, (PWYP) Zambia

  • Ellen Lenny-Pessagno, Albemarle Chile

  • Matthieu Salomon, Natural Resource Governance Institute, (NRGI)

  • Cecile Billaux, International Partnerships, European Commission (tbc)


  • Dr. Mark Robinson, EITI